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Comprehensive Eye Test

Prioritise your visual health at Vision Kyalami with a comprehensive eye test. Eye tests are vital not only for detecting eye conditions at an early stage and correcting any vision changes- they can also indicate your overall health and detect irregularities that an underlying condition could cause.

How often should you attend a comprehensive eye exam?

Our optometrists recommend a comprehensive eye test, ideally every year, to every other year.

However, if you are over 60 or have any chronic conditions such as diabetes, or a family history of loss of vision, attending every year is strongly advised.

What to expect during a comprehensive eye test

Although your test might be adjusted to suit your needs and health history, the test will begin by finding out more about your medical history and general health. Our qualified optometrist will ask you questions about your medical history and your family's general history and discuss any symptoms you have experienced, such as headaches or changes in your vision.

You can also expect all or some of the following tests to be done:

  • Visual acuity: Visual acuity tests measure how each eye is seeing. Both eyes will be individually tested using a series of lenses and a letter chart.
  • Refraction assessment: The refractive assessment will test whether you require corrections,s such as glasses or contact lenses. The assessment will also determine the lens prescription to give you the most comfortable and optimal vision.
  • Retinal examination: Also known as ophthalmoscopy, this examination allows the optometrist to examine the back of your eye. Eye drops are used to dilate your pupils; the optometrist will then look into your eye, including the retina, the optic disk and the retinal blood vessels.
  • Glaucoma screening: This test measures your eye pressure. High eye pressure can show Glaucoma or risk of getting Glaucoma. Catching glaucoma in the early stages is essential, as the condition can cause complete vision loss if not caught early.

After your exam, the optometrist will have comprehensive details about your visual health. Our friendly optometrists will explain any prescriptions or further referrals that may be necessary.

For best results at your exam, please bring along your current eye ware, and keep track of any symptoms you experience in the weeks leading up to your appointment.

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